Thank you so much for not only helping me unlock deeper freedom in my own singing voice through simple tools and your clear, supportive guidance but also for being so supportive of my own journey as a music coach wanting to help folks unlock the power of their natural voices. Your passion for sharing your holistic approach to vocal health is very inspiring and I’m so glad to have found you!! I look forward to our next session together.

- Madeline Tasquin, Californië/Canada

- Maartje Rammeloo

I started speech therapy sessions with Maartje when I taught English and used my voice a lot in class. Speaking to a group of about 36 students is not easy. I soon noticed that I was using my voice incorrectly. I often had a sore throat and often lost my voice for days. At the time, I was also very tired from teaching and I did not have the strength to teach. Maartje taught me in weekly sessions how to use my voice better and how I could use strength from the core of my body and my breath. Soon my voice improved and I had less (much less!) complaints.

And Maartje helped me with more than that. Also my confidence grew and I learned to trust my inner voice. I discovered that I wasn't in the right place where I lived and worked. The sessions with Maartje motivated me to make the change I needed. I moved to Amsterdam, started a new course and then started teaching Yoga. I now know how I can see my voice as an instrument and now people even come to my yoga lessons for my voice! I can now express the peace and strength that I radiate even better with my voice. And I am very grateful to Maartje for that!

- Marianne De Kuyper, The Netherlands

As a professional singer I am very dependent on my health so that I’m be able to do my work. Pain and tension in the throat area can be killing, whether this comes from a physical or mental cause. Maartje has helped me enormously in the past during a stressful production by giving me a wonderful relaxing throat massage/larynx manipulation.

The nice thing about Maartje is that, in addition to her expertise and musical background, she also helped me on an energetic level. She is very gentle and does not focus only on the muscles. Highly recommended for people who use their voice intensively!

- Maartje Rammeloo, The Netherlands

Maartje is a great voice specialist who, from the first lesson, knows how to put me at ease, explains all the vocal techniques (also the basics, that I didn't know about yet) very clear and always gives me very good advice.

I really see a clear improvement in my voice. And in addition I have a blast during my singing lessons!

- Deborah Lebo, France

Due vocal misuse I had nodules on my vocal cords which had to be removed. The ENT doctor advised me to see a Speech Language Pathologist in order to prevent myself of getting them back. The hospital advised me to go to Maartje.

When I first met Maartje, she immediately noticed my charactar and understood how I was functioning. And through the exercises she gave me, I regained my own voice. After this we started with singing lessons and Maartje advised me to sing Alto instead of Soprano in my choir, which was much better for my voice, but not so easy. Because I was used to sing Soprano and I am already insecure by nature. But Maartje, she immediately put your finger on this and gave me the right exercises to train and develop my voice in the Alto range. It also wasn't about just doing exercises. Maartje also let me choose songs that I would like to sing and then you checked whether it was feasible for me or not. If I had a hard time finding a song, you suggested something. Which I also really appreciated. And then you also found songs that I really like. The lessons were very nice and Maartje paid attention to everything; my posture, my way of breathing and breath support, pronunciation, pitch, rhythm...

And then she patiently and repeatedly indicates how things can and should be done differently, without making me feel that I am doing something wrong or cannot do something, but only how it can be done better. So I got even more pleasure in singing. This has also made me much more secure and I am no longer afraid to be heard in the choir. My voice hardly ever gets tired, nor am I short of breath, while I'm singing. All this thanks to the exercises and lessons from Maartje. I still apply everything I have learned every day and I still have a lot of fun when I'm singing. I see and notice that those singing lessons have brought me so much. Thanks to you Maartje, I have become a better version of myself.

Thank you!!

- Anja Geevers, The Netherlands

The Tuning Fork Therapy has proven to be very effective in soothing my chronic cervical spine pain and migraines.

I’ve also had private sessions where I’ve learned to take good care of my voice and to improve its conditions. They were extremely beneficial; especially when I was exhausted from fatigue or stress.

Maartje taught me how to find comfort by using simple techniques that can be practised at anytime. She is a talented and gifted professional voice specialist focused on helping people to improve their overall well-being.

- Eliana Guelfi, Argentina/France

Maartje is exceptionally caring, thoughtful, intelligent and perceptive. I walk away from every single session with Maartje feeling energized, inspired and ready to move through my day with so much more ease, gratitude and joy. Whether she is helping me with my vocal technique, everyday vocal hygiene, or physical/emotional/energetic healing, I benefit immensely from each session I have with her. I think I have become a more capable, knowledgeable, and balanced person, vocalist, and teacher because of Maartje. I am deeply thankful that I started working with her and highly recommend her.

- Máire Witt O'Neill, Chicago

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