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In September 2017, just a few days before to give birth to my second son Tim, I got a chalazion in my left eye, which turned into a chronic inflammation of both my eyelids. My eyelids are red, itchy and swollen since then and make-up is making it only worse, so I’m wearing that only occasionally now.

As my eyes mean everything to me, and since I’m convinced that things in life happen for a reason, I started my journey to find a cure for this...

“Turn Your Wounds

Into Wisdom“

— Oprah Winfrey

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What does this have to do with the voice?

Well, I went to several (eye) doctors and tried several therapies (like acupuncture),  (natural) eye products, nutritional supplements, etc., but nothing really helped. While I was reading articles and books, searching for a cure, the vagus nerve popped up a lot of times. I already knew that the vagus nerve was the motor function of the vocal folds, but I also discovered that vagus nerve dysfunction could cause many health issues (chronic inflammation among others) and that I was able to stimulate the vagus nerve with my own voice! This gave me a whole different and profound perspective on the voice and its functions!

My eyelids aren't cured (yet), but this health issue has brought me so much new knowledge about how our body and mind are functioning and also how we are making ourselves sick these days. I mean, I see so many people with physical issues (like breathing and voice issues), burnouts, mental issues (like depression and anxiety), who don't like their job, are with a partner that makes them unhappy and so on... In other words; so many of people are 'out of tune' (myself included). And I want to change that!

Thanks to this chronic inflammation, I now know why working ON and WITH your voice is so important and that it can improve your overall health; your vocal health included of course! Because your voice is connected to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. So it's such a beautiful and powerful tool to use. And we all carry it with us!

More about me...


Hi, I am Maartje Monné and founder of Voice Care & Coaching.

I am a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) since 2004 and have been specializing myself in voice disorders, vocal techniques for the speaking voice and singing voice and many voice related methods since then.

I also studied Musical Theater (part-time) to develop my own singing, dancing, acting, and stage skills (one of the best moments and memories of my life! ❤) and have had my own private voice practice in the Netherlands, which was a great success!

And then, in 2009, I met the (French) love of my life. So I sold my practice and moved to the south of France in 2010 where I ‘restarted’ my life almost from 0 (I even could hardly speak the language; which was very frustrating for someone who loves to talk a lot)!

For various reasons, I started working in 2011 at Airbus Helicopters as a Key Logistic Manager and stayed there for almost 8 years. This work wasn't voice related AT ALL, but it was a very good experience though. Because, besides the French language, I have learned many other useful skills during those years!

In January 2019, I left Airbus Helicopters and started my new (current) private voice practice/company in France; Voice Care & Coaching.

And since October 2020, I can call myself a Psycho-Energetic Therapist too.

Today ‘voice work’ is more to me than vocal care and improving someone’s voice quality; it is also about making people aware that the voice itself has superpowers and that it can be used as a fantastic (and free 🙌) ‘tool’ to improve your overall health!

In other words; it is important to take good care of your voice, but your voice can also take care of YOU! It is part of your ‘inner pharmacy'!!

So let's start to make magic with your own voice; your superpower!

The Body is Held Together By Sound

The Presence of Disease Indicates That Some Sounds Have Gone Out of Tune”

— Deepak Chopra


Some other (fun) facts about me:


● I grew up in Prinsenbeek, a small village in the south of the Netherlands

● I have two brothers; I'm the middle one

● When I was little, I was a very shy and insecure girl, but I have become a 'brave chicken'!

● I’m a mother of two boys, Lucas & Tim (2012 & 2017), and I have a cat (2010, so my first 'baby')

● I speak three languages; Dutch (native language), English & French

● I’m more a morning person than an evening person

● My bed is my sacred place (yes, I LOVE to sleep!!)

● I can be a real party animal; Carnaval in the Netherlands is the best!

● I love to drink herbal tea (especially Rooibos); no coffee for me!

● I love the nature, especially the sea & the mountains

● I am a BIG musical fan

● I love to hug trees

Who are you and what's your story?

I'm really curious about your story too! What or who guided you to my website?
Please share it with me and fill in the contact form below. I'm really looking forward to reading your story!

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