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Are you ready to discover and improve the possibilities of your own voice

and use its superpowers to improve your overall health?

Do you have the feeling that...


● Your voice and/or throat (often) hurt(s) or feel(s) tired when you are speaking or singing?​

● You live under significant levels of stress and feel that this negatively influences your voice and/or other parts of your body or daily life (way of breathing, headaches, back pain, inflammation, sleep problems....)?​

● You are building up tension and/or blockages in your throat area and/or other parts of your body?


● You are afraid to express your feelings, to speak (from) your heart and/or to speak up?​

● Your voice frustrates you and/or influences the way you feel?​

● Your voice doesn't reflect your identity?


● You are not feeling confident about your voice?​

● There is a lump in your throat?​

● Your voice is (too) soft or (too) loud?​

● You want to make a change in the world, but you don't know how to empower your message with your voice?​

● You are not using the full potential of your own voice?

How would it be if...


● Your voice and/or throat feel(s) comfortable when you are speaking or singing?

● You can speak or sing with more ease?

● You know how to take good care of your voice and the rest of your vocal instrument?

● You could calm yourself down when stress hits in?​

● You feel more connected with your voice and your whole body?

● ​You could express your emotions and thoughts easily and effortlessly with your voice?

● You would be proud of your voice?​

● People can finally 'hear' you?​

● You own your (authentic) voice?

How can I help you?

Take your first step now and download my free ebook or book a free 20 minute consultation with me first to find out if you want to start your (vocal) journey with me or not. There is absolutely NO obligation to book further sessions.

Hi, I'm Maartje!

Connect with me: @voice_care_coaching

I'm founder of Voice Care & Coaching and I'm very passionate about the (inner) voice and everything that's connected to it.


Your voice is a fundamental tool in your daily life, a reflection of who you are (your identity/personality) and how you feel.

No matter the reason that brought you here; you need your voice everyday and your voice needs you!


Are you ready to go on a (vocal) journey with me and to discover the superpowers of your own voice?

The Journey Towards Health Begins With Your Own Voice Begin Your Journey Today


Your Voice, Your Superpower

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Thank you so much for not only helping me unlock deeper freedom in my own singing voice through simple tools and your clear, supportive guidance but also for being so supportive of my own journey as a music coach wanting to help folks unlock the power of their natural voices. Your passion for sharing your holistic approach to vocal health is very inspiring and I’m so glad to have found you!! I look forward to our next session together.

- Madeline Tasquin, Californië/Canada

Maartje is exceptionally caring, thoughtful, intelligent and perceptive. I walk away from every single session with Maartje feeling energized, inspired and ready to move through my day with so much more ease, gratitude and joy. Whether she is helping me with my vocal technique, everyday vocal hygiene, or physical/emotional/energetic healing, I benefit immensely from each session I have with her. I think I have become a more capable, knowledgeable, and balanced person, vocalist, and teacher because of Maartje.
I am deeply thankful that I started working with her and highly recommend her.

- Máire Witt O'Neill, Chicago

As a professional singer I am very dependent on my health so that I’m be able to do my work.

Pain and tension in the throat area can be killing, whether this comes from a physical or mental cause. Maartje has helped me enormously in the past during a stressful production by giving me a wonderful relaxing throat massage/larynx manipulation. The nice thing about Maartje is that, in addition to her expertise and musical background, she also helped me on an energetic level. She is very gentle and does not focus only on the muscles. Highly recommended for people who use their voice intensively!

- Maartje Rammeloo, The Netherlands

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