This (Inner) Voice Program is for you if:

✓ You want to improve your voice quality


✓ You want to connect on a deeper level with your voice and find your authentic sound


✓ You want to learn how to reduce stress, physical tension, etc. by using the superpowers of your own voice and other techniques


✓  You want to learn to express your feelings, to speak (from) your heart and/or to speak up


✓  You want to feel more confident about your voice


✓ You are not only interested in (vocal) techniques, but also in energy work and personal growth.

After this program you know:

✓ How to take care of your voice

✓  How to use your voice with more ease, freedom and confidence


✓ How to connect with your voice on a deeper level (physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually)


✓ How to give yourself a vocal massage


✓  How to relax your body and to calm yourself down


✓ Where your biggest energy blocks are at this moment, what the lessons are behind it and how to unblock/release them

Your voice will tell you where you are at:

  • physically; how does your voice sound & feel when you are speaking or singing?

  • mentally; how do you think about your voice & how do you express your thougths?

  • emotionally; how do you feel about your voice & how do you express your feelings?

  • spiritually; are you living your soul's purpose?

What's included in this program?

1x Group Kick-Off (90 min)

  • What you can expect the upcoming 3 months

  • Get to know each other

  • Level up your mindset so that the results of this vocal journey will be optimal

1x Initial Assessment (75/90 min)

This will help me understand where you are at with your voice, what your vocal and medical history is and what your concerns and goals are.

This includes:

  • Examination (palpation) of the muscles in your head, neck, throat, shoulders, back and chest area (I will guide you through it if the appointment is done online)

  • Vocal evaluation

  • Tips for vocal wellness/hygiene

  • Personalised plan

  • Healing/releasing your energy blocks


5x Group Sessions (60/90 min each)

  1. How to relax & reset your whole body and how to give yourself a vocal massage

  2. About the vagus nerve: I’ll explain you what it is and how to decompress & stimulate it to improve your health (your vocal health included)

  3. Breathing exercises

  4. Vocal exercises: You'll learn how to warm-up your voice in different ways & how to use your voice with more ease

  5. How to align yourself with your own voice (chakra work)

  6. Relax & Reset your Body & Mind (Including how to give yourself a vocal massage)

  7. Breathing Exercises

  8. Vocal Exercises: This includes vocal warm-ups and you'll learn how to use your voice with more ease and power


2x Individual Sessions (60 min each); including healing/releasing your energy blocks


3x live Q&A’s (60 min each)

✓ Access to a Private Facebook Group with like-minded people. Here I go live every Monday to help you determine your focus and to give you a (vocal) exercise or motivation boost. On Friday we share our experiences and celebrate our successes together.

As it's a pilot program, you'll only pay

So don't wait to long because there are only 5 spots!

597 euros

(or 199 a month)


Step 1


Complete and submit the form below, precising your program choice (this can be more than 1)

Step 2


I will then send you an a PayPal request.

Step 3


Once I've received your payment, you will receive the Zoom link and instructions

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